SPARK refrigerator

Posted by: Fabrizio Leonforte

Modified date: 10/12/2017

SPARK refrigerator


Technology field of reference: Preservation

Relevant sectors: Nutrition, Food Security

Availability: International

Technology Description

SPARK is Self-Constructible Photovoltaic-Based Refrigerator based on thermally-insulated envelope, equipped with thermal energy storage, designed to be built on-site, by using local materials, and assembled with technical components (direct current (DC) compressor, heat exchangers, photovoltaic module). The refrigetor with a net capacity of 250 L and an ice storage of 12.5 kg, is able to maintain an internal temperature below 10 °C also in critical boundary conditions. SPARK refrigerator was developed in the framework of SPARK project funded by Polisocial



Year of implementation