Freezers, root cellars and ice box

Posted by: Fabrizio Leonforte

Modified date: 10/09/2017

Freezers, root cellars and ice box


Technology field of reference: Preservation, Powering

Relevant sectors: Nutrition, Food Security

Availability: National

Technology Description

Root cellar is a very cheap and effective technology for food preservatioon in contexts where electrical power supply is not avaible and the ambient temperature arises over 30°C. It consists of an underground volume or a partially covered container, wich allows keeping food approximately at the same temperature of the ground. The root cellar is generally made by waterproof materials covered with am insulation layer. Generally, small root cellars are realized by placing a commercial box below the ground level. In order to improve the efficiency of the system, a synergetic combination of different components is realized. More in detail the system consists of the following: - a partially buried, high thermally insulated and high resistant commercial icebox (80 litres). - 3 centralized freezers (178 litres of storage capacity and 155 W peak power) - a PV system in order to provide energy to the freezers. The proposed configuration allows increasing the number of people who can satisfy their need to preserve food, although electrical energy is only available for powering the centralized freezer system, while no electric supply is available at the household level.



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