Movable standalone electric system with thermoelectric fridge

Posted by: Fabrizio Leonforte

Modified date: 10/09/2017

Movable standalone electric system with thermoelectric fridge


Technology field of reference: Preservation, Lighting, Powering

Relevant sectors: Nutrition, Food Security, Environment

Availability: National

Technology Description

This solution is a very simple and movable electrical system – powered by sunlight – providing energy to 4 lights and a small thermoelectric refrigerator. It was installed by a local company with components already available on the Lebanese market. The electrical system is composed by 2 photovoltaic panels (100 W each one), a 100Ah@12V battery, charge controller and a fuse for system’s and users’ safety. Devices and fittings can be easily removed, transported and re-installed somewhere else. The system powers 4 LED lights (5 W each one) for indoor and outdoor lights, and a thermoelectric refrigerator (like the ones in caravans or boats) with a 24 l capacity.



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