Locally-made solar refrigerator

Posted by: Fabrizio Leonforte

Modified date: 10/12/2017

Locally-made solar refrigerator


Technology field of reference: Preservation, Powering

Relevant sectors: Nutrition, Food Security

Availability: National

Technology Description

The Solar Photovoltaic Refrigeration was designed by Politecnico di Milano to allow communities to assemble refrigerators using local materials. The electric and mechanical parts, that is a compressor (with a thermostat), a roll-bond evaporator pre-charged with refrigerant, and plug-in connectors for the refrigerant circuit, are provided in a compact kit that can be shipped almost everywhere. On the other hand, photovoltaic panels can be locally purchased, and the body is locally constructed. For pilot testing in Haiti, a carpenter was hired to build the refrigerator body – made of plywood –, providing internal insulation with an aluminium foil and polystyrene (insulating glue was not available). A metallic cage divided the refrigerated room in compartments, to facilitate the use by different households. In total, 6 refrigerators were assembled, each of them composed of 2 kits, with a photovoltaic panel (250 W), a battery (100Ah@12V) and a charge controller. Each refrigerator has a 500 liters capacity and 4 lockable compartments (one per family). Small buildings were built to house two refrigerators, and make it easy and safe to access for the households.



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