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Posted by: Lisa Feldmann

Modified date: 06/11/2018



Relevant sector: Food Security, Health, Environment, Other

Resource type: Interactive Tool, Website

Resource use: Implementation & Monitoring, Review & Evaluation, Training & Capacity building, Other

Language of the document: English, French




energypedia nonprofit


Energypedia is a non-profit online platform offering free access to expert information on renewable energy, energy access and energy efficiency in developing countries. Registered users can easily create, modify and share content on the platform. As of Jan 2018, includes over 4,200 freely usable articles, which have been contributed by a growing community of more than 8,000 registered energy experts. Our users include energy practitioners, experts from the private and governmental sectors, academics, and other interested stakeholders. We are motivated by our belief that knowledge sharing is power! Through the platform we strive to create an enabling environment and provide the right tools for stakeholders engaged in the energy sector to collaborate, create and share knowledge and practical experience. Our vision is a world where everyone has access to sustainable energy services. Thus, we invite you to share your knowledge and expertise to achieve sustainable energy for all! Background: Today one in five people worldwide lack access to electricity, while every third person cooks on unhealthy fireplaces. First-hand knowledge on modern and sustainable energy solutions often only exists locally or in fragments and thus is difficult for individuals to access. Thus, our mission is to empower energy practitioners by fostering free knowledge exchange, global collaboration and mutual learning on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access.