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Monitoring Report - Darfur Efficient Cook-stove Project

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Modified date: 10/18/2017

Monitoring Report - Darfur Efficient Cook-stove Project


Relevant sector: Nutrition, Food Security, Health

Resource type: Document

Resource use: Implementation & Monitoring, Review & Evaluation

Language of the document: English




Carbon Clear Limited, Practical Action


This comprehensive project monitoring report describes the impacts of the Darfur Efficient Cook-Stoves project (a.k.a Darfur Low Smoke Stoves Project) in El Fashir town in Sudan, in which Carbon Clear Ltd and Practical Action coordinated the provision of LPG and stoves to residents and IDPs. It includes a summary of results from kitchen surveys, kitchen tests, usage surveys, leakage assessments, water boiling tests, and more - as well as the estimated amount of GHG emission reductions from the project using Gold Standard methodology.

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