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2017 - Rapid Woodfuel Assessment: Bidibidi Settlement, Uganda

Posted by: Arturo Gianvenuti

Modified date: 01/11/2018

2017 - Rapid Woodfuel Assessment: Bidibidi Settlement, Uganda


Relevant sector: Nutrition, Protection, Environment, Early Recovery & Livelihoods

Resource type: Document

Resource use: Needs Assessment & Analysis

Language of the document: English


Arturo Gianvenuti, Antonia Ortmann, Eva Kintu and Rémi D’Annunzio




The massive wave of refugees from South Sudan, mostly women and children, has provoked one of the most severe humanitarian crises in Uganda. The Bidibidi settlement, established in Uganda’s Yumbe district in August 2016, quickly became one of the largest refugee-hosting area in the world – equivalent to a new city popping up in six months. Nearly 300,000 refugees live in the camp, which is more than half of the population in Yumbe. This has increased pressure on the environment due to tree felling for settlement establishment and to meet ongoing household demand for woodfuel for cooking and heating. FAO and UNHCR initiated a joint rapid woodfuel assessment in March 2017 to determine the supply and demand of woodfuel resources in the area. The assessment had three components: 1) an assessment of woodfuel demand; 2) an assessment of woodfuel supply; and 3) the identification of interlinkages, gaps, opportunities and alternative scenarios.

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