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PV in refugee camps

Posted by: Jan Ossenbrink

Modified date: 01/09/2018

PV in refugee camps


Relevant sector: Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education, Environment, Camp Management & Coordination

Resource type: Document

Resource use: Strategic Planning, Implementation & Monitoring

Language of the document: English


Jan Ossenbrink, Paolo Pizzorni, Thijs van der Plas


ETH Zurich


In this report, SusTec researchers shed light on the drivers and barriers of solar PV in three settlements managed by the UN refugee agency. Focusing on the case of water pumping, they find that solar PV systems may provide a viable alternative to conventional forms of electricity supply. However, to leverage the potential of solar PV, several technical, institutional, financial, and social aspects need to be taken into account. The Excel tool "Camp Electricity at Risk" has been developed to compare the economics of solar PV against conventional electricity supply options based on a Monte Carlo simulation. Feel free to reach out in case you are interested to learn more about the tool.

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