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Sweet Nectar of the Gaia: Lessons from Ethiopia's "Project Gaia"

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Modified date: 10/23/2017

Sweet Nectar of the Gaia: Lessons from Ethiopia's "Project Gaia"


Relevant sector: Nutrition, Food Security, Environment, Health

Resource type: Document

Resource use: Needs Assessment & Analysis, Training & Capacity building

Language of the document: English


S. Clarke, C. Rogers, B. Sovacool


Project Gaia, Energy for Sustainable Development


Though initiated only at smaller scales so far, “Project Gaia” offers an innovative Ethiopian model for using byproducts from the sugar industry to create an ethanol fuel that can be utilized by cleaner burning cookstoves, predominately internally displaced refugees. Backed by the Shell Foundation and a collection of NGOs, Project Gaia has distributed almost 4000 ethanol combusting stoves throughout refugee camps in Ethiopia. After summarizing the research methods utilized by the authors and introducing readers to the energy situation in Ethiopia, this study describes the history, benefits, and challenges of Project Gaia.

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