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Smoke, health and household energy

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Modified date: 10/23/2017

Smoke, health and household energy


Relevant sector: Nutrition, Food Security, Health, Environment, Early Recovery & Livelihoods

Resource type: Document

Resource use: Needs Assessment & Analysis, Implementation & Monitoring, Review & Evaluation

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Liz Bates


Practical Action


The purpose of this research project is to support large numbers of people living in poverty, especially women and children, to reduce the major health risks caused by smoke from kitchen fires, through awareness of the dangers of smoke and interventions to alleviate it. Interventions, in the context of this publication, mean any activities or technologies introduced by the project to alleviate smoke. This publication describes a UK-Government funded research project done by ITDG in three very different communities under a Department for International Development (DFID) research grant. ITDG, an international NGO, has developed a framework to strengthen those living in poverty to work together, participating in all levels of the decision making process and leading to a sound redistribution and management of resources. Women in particular are supported through this approach. Ultimately, the process is intended to lead to a sustainable, commercially oriented approach and pro-poor policy action.

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