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Fuel Analysis, Comparison & Integration Tool (FACIT)

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Modified date: 10/23/2017

Fuel Analysis, Comparison & Integration Tool (FACIT)


Relevant sector: Nutrition, Food Security

Resource type: Interactive Tool

Resource use: Review & Evaluation

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Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves


Fuel Analysis, Comparison & Integration Tool (FACIT) was developed to enable stakeholders to manually change parameters – such as fuel type, country, and indicators – to compare trade-offs of different cooking fuels and to isolate the steps in fuel production that have the largest impacts. FACIT gives enterprises insights to make improvements along the fuel value chain and allows donors and investors to make more informed investment and project choices. Local and national governments can use FACIT to guide policy decisions, and researchers can use it to identify opportunities to improve fuel technologies and performance. The report and tool include economic and social indicators that provide considerations to weigh when evaluating fuel choices.

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