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Energy Services for Refugees and Displaced people

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Modified date: 10/23/2017

Energy Services for Refugees and Displaced people


Relevant sector: Nutrition, Food Security, Other

Resource type: Document

Resource use: Needs Assessment & Analysis

Language of the document: English


William Blyth, Glada Lahn, Johanna Lehne , et al.


Chatham House


This paper, which summarises the modelling work done during the first phase of the Moving Energy Initiative, aims to bridge the gap in the literature and inform future analysis on energy access for refugees and displaced people. Through an end-use accounting model for energy consumption for cooking and lighting by displaced populations, the research finds that as many as 7 million displaced people in camps have access to electricity for less than 4 hours a day and that the widespread introduction of improved cookstoves and basic solar lanterns could save $303 million a year in fuel costs after an initial capital investment of $334 million.

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