WakaWaka Light & Powers Distribution in Mandaue City - Haiyan Response

Posted by: SAFE Administrator

Modified date: 10/18/2017

WakaWaka Light & Powers Distribution in Mandaue City - Haiyan Response


Technology field of reference: Lighting, Powering

Relevant sectors: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Protection, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Education, Health, Early Recovery & Livelihoods

Population type: Other

Category of funders: Not Available

Project Description

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), mounted an emergency response in the Philippines and distributed donated WakaWa­kas to people who have lost their homes and villages. Their efforts are also focused on delivering safe drinking water and medication. The IRC will ensure that donated WakaWakas get to the survivors who are restarting and rebuilding their lives after the catastrophic destruction wrought by Haiyan, the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land anywhere in recorded history. 2760 Waka Waka Lights and 1392 Waka Waka Powers have been distributed. The project took place in Mandaue City, Philippines.


Starting and ending date

From 01/01/2013

Number of beneficiaries reached through energy related activites or interventions

4251 survivors of typhoon Haiyan

Names of implementing partners

International Rescue Committee (IRC), Waka Waka

Funding sources