UNHCR Stove Distribution in Nakivale camp, Uganda

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Modified date: 10/18/2017

UNHCR Stove Distribution in Nakivale camp, Uganda


Technology field of reference: Cooking

Relevant sectors: Nutrition, Food Security

Population type: Refugee

Category of funders: Not Available

Project Description

In the Nakivale Camp ID 80 in Isingiro, Uganda, UNHCR is leading the distribution of several types of cookstoves, including the Save80, Rocket Lorena, and a clay molded stove. The results vary among the stoves. The Lorena stove is a locally made version of the Save80 with high acceptance among local users. The Save80 stove has a medium acceptance among users. Due to high market value, refugees tend to sell these stoves to the host community rather than use them in their homes. There is a need for continued effective sensitization and training for refugees to appreciate the technology. The Rocket Lorena stove has high acceptance among users. It is similar to the Save80 but made locally. The clay molded stove has medium acceptance among users and low durability, as well as a lifetime of only 6 months.


Number of beneficiaries reached through energy related activites or interventions

2473 households

Names of implementing partners

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Funding sources