Habitat for Humanity & Waka Waka Solar Lantern Distribution

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Modified date: 10/18/2017

Habitat for Humanity & Waka Waka Solar Lantern Distribution


Technology field of reference: Lighting

Relevant sectors: Education, Health, Environment, Early Recovery & Livelihoods

Population type: Internally Displaced People (IDPs)

Category of funders: Not Available

Project Description

Habitat for Humanity provided Waka Waka lights to internally displaced low-income families in the area of Santo, Leogane, Haiti. The families received access to electricity, health care, education, employment and electricity through this project. The families, before receiving the lamps, were asked to participate and contribute hours to a time bank for activities that were needed in the village. The activities range from participating in the humanure project, contributing talents for repairs and maintenance of houses or public areas, for participation as volunteers in meeting and neighborhood blocks, or participating in PR events/meetings on behalf of the entire village. The time amount sets could be exchange for lamp or lamps.


Starting and ending date

From 01/01/2013

Number of beneficiaries reached through energy related activites or interventions

1800 internally displaced Haitians families with a low income in the area of Santo, Leogane.

Names of implementing partners

Habitat for Humanity, Waka Waka

Funding sources