FNC Save80 Stove Distribution in Eastern Sudan

Posted by: SAFE Administrator

Modified date: 11/06/2017

FNC Save80 Stove Distribution in Eastern Sudan


Technology field of reference: Cooking

Relevant sectors: Nutrition, Food Security

Population type: Refugee

Category of funders: Not Available

Project Description

The Forests National Corporation (FNC) piloted the Save80 stove through a small distribution project in Shagrabs, Eastern Sudan. The pilot project did not have the intended benefits, with comments that the communities could not cook certain local food on the stove. The primary lesson learned from this project is that the stove needs to be better designed to meet the needs of the local community. It should be user-friendly and be culturally appropriate so as to enable refugees to make their local food. The refugees cannot cook injera with ease using the Save80 cook stove.



Starting and ending date

From 11/06/2017 to 11/06/2017

Number of beneficiaries reached through energy related activites or interventions

25 households

Cost of energy technology and/or fuel


Names of implementing partners

Forest National Corporation (FNC)

Funding sources