SPARK (Solar Photovoltaic Adaptable Refrigeration Kit)

Posted by: Fabrizio Leonforte

Modified date: 10/11/2017

SPARK (Solar Photovoltaic Adaptable Refrigeration Kit)


Technology field of reference: Preservation

Relevant sectors: Food Security

Population type: Other

Category of funders: Private

Project Description

The aim of the project is to develop a modular kit designed for the self-construction of a refrigeration system which is economically competitive with other products already developed for the same purpose, is powered by solar photovoltaic energy and can be easily assembled in the place of application, with particular reference to the context represented by Africa’s tropical belt. The thermally insulated casing can be realized with local materials, such as wood and bamboo. Inside, the refrigerator can be divided into different compartments, each fitted with a lock, and can thus be used as a community refrigerator and provided as a service to the community. This makes it possible to reduce costs for final users, which do not purchase the system but simply pay to use it.

Technology or Technologies used

SPARK refrigerator


Bangang, Cameroon

Starting and ending date

From 10/11/2017 to 10/11/2017

Names of implementing partners

Politecnico di Milano, Agrest

Funding sources

Polisocial Award 2014