Lighting includes both artificial light source like lamps and light fixtures, as well as system able to enhance the natural illumination by capturing daylight. In a humanitarian context, energy under the form of (appropriate) light plays an important role on multiple levels, such as: improving the quality of life within the household; reducing the use of dangerous alternatives such as kerosene lamps; adding security to communal areas, e.g. water pumping stations; allowing for certain activities to take place after dark. What are the appropriate lighting technologies? How should they be deployed?

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Lighting information

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Lighting information

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Hi all,

on energypedia we have a lighting category: you can find a lot of different articles and publications here, eg. on solar lighting, technologies, etc.

Further helpful articles might be:
Preparation Guide for a Sustainable Energy Project in Refugee Settings.
Energy Access for Refugees: This article explores the situation of energy access in refugee camps by consolidating information from different publications.

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