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Free Rock Beds Improve 3-Stone Efficiency by 34%

Kevin Andrew McLean, modified 1 Year ago.

Free Rock Beds Improve 3-Stone Efficiency by 34%

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SNV just released this KPT report showing that the simple and free act of placing rocks in traditional cookstoves (eg, 3-stone) improves efficiency by 34%.  Here are instructionals and training videos.

Disseminating an idea is so much faster, easier and less expensive than disseminating a product.

Sun24 partners with the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and various women groups to train women to train others to use rock beds.  In four months, we have trained 1.5 million women to use rock beds.  They love it.  Their cookstoves annually emit about 4 million tonnes less CO2e as a result.  Our goal is to have 20 million women in Africa and Asia using rock beds by the end of 2019.

Please see more testing and surveys in the Sun24 Cookstoves Overview

I urge you to compliment your projects with rock bed training.

Kevin McLean, President