Lack of access to improved stoves and cooking fuels poses serious risks to displaced people, including respiratory disease from cooking smoke, malnutrition due to undercooking or meal skipping, increased poverty from fuel expenses, exposure to physical and gender-based violence during firewood collection. Reliance on biomass fuel has also resulted in widespread deforestation and CO2 emissions.

This community group addresses access to safer and cleaner cooking fuels and technologies in humanitarian settings, including technical innovations, distribution approaches, social impacts and more. Read more »

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Cooking energy information

Lisa Feldmann, modified 2 Years ago.

Cooking energy information

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Dear all,

on energypedia you can find a lot of useful information on cooking energy.

Here are a few links:
- Improved Cooking Portal: entry point to articles on cooking fuels, stoves, M&E, planning and implementation of improved cookstove interventions
- Cooking Energy in Refugee Situations: overview article of the cooking energy situation in refugee camps. Its focus lies on the firewood shortage around campsites, resulting problems, and possible solutions to make cooking energy supply sustainable.
- Energy Access for Refugees: This article explores the situation of energy access in refugee camps by consolidating information from different publications.

You can share your information by adding to existing articles or creating new ones!

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