Energy access is one of the most challenging issues to address in humanitarian asssitance. Since it is a cross cutting issue, it requires coordinated planning and synergy among actors across multiple sectors.

ENERGYCoP is a global, not-for-profit community of practice launched in 2017. Its purpose is to facilitate information sharing and increase collaboration among a diverse network of stakeholders who are engaged in providing Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) to crisis-affected people, such as refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs), and those affected by disaster caused by natural hazards. Within this community of practice, every individual and organization working on issues related to energy access and energy technologies in humanitarian settings can access resources, connect with partners, and contribute to ongoing discussions on various topics. Connecting all actors interested in this sector enhances the efficiency and efficacy of fuel and energy initiatives that improve the lives and livelihoods of displaced people worldwide.

ENERGYCoP is designed to be an interactive one-stop-shop with an open-knowledge approach that enables you to search for projects, technologies, tools, and resources of interest related to energy access in humanitarian settings – or share materials that you consider valuable to the community. You can also pose questions, ask for advice, contribute your expertise, or share your experience and best practices with the other members. 

Contribute to more efficient, effective, and coordinated humanitarian responses on energy access by joining the community today!

ENERGYCoP was created by the partners of the Sustainable Energy Technologies for Food Security (SET4food) in Humanitarian Contexts project in 2017 and is currently managed by SAFE Humanitarian Working Group. For introductory knowledge about energy access in humanitarian settings, visit www.safefuelandenergy.org.

Who can join

Are you looking for information on energy in the humanitarian context?
Would you like to find out more on the access to energy response in the humanitarian settings?
Are you looking for technologies used in this sector?
Do you have resources and tools to share to the community of practitioners?
Would you like to interact with actors active in the energy sector to know more?
Looking for advice from individuals willing to share their expertise?
Are you an active actor in the energy sector and you would like to contribute?

If yes, then ENERGYCoP is the right place!

Would you like to become a member? Do not hesitate – it is free. 

ENERGYCoP is viewable to anyone, but only subscribed members can upload new content to the Database or comment in the Community. While ENERGYCoP was mainly designed to support humanitarian actors, all organizations and individuals with an interest in energy access in humanitarian settings – development actors, the private sector, governments, academia, and more – are welcome and encouraged to participate!

What you can find

Database: the ENERGYCoP database is composed of four sections – Projects, Technology, Resources & Tools, and Training – where you can find information relevant to energy access in humanitarian settings. Please note that some of the project inserted in the “projects” database was migrated from the database developed and maintained by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves on behalf of the SAFE Humanitarian Working Group from 2014-2017. The database was migrated to ENERGYCoP with the support of the SET4food Initiative in 2017.

Community Discussion: the ENERGYCoP community is a place where practitioners can interact to create better outcomes and sustainable interventions on energy access in humanitarian settings. It features six groups where you can initiate or participate in discussions on relevant topics. Five of these groups are based on different uses for energy, namely Cooking, Heating, Lighting, Powering, and Preservation. Discussions that transcend or do not pertain to these areas is captured in the sixth group, General.


The project

ENERGYCoP is a product of the SET4food project - Sustainable Energy Technologies for Food Security in Humanitarian Contexts. It was designed to enhance efficient collaboration and synergies among humanitarian actors working in the energy sector. To learn more on the project visit www.set4food.org.

SET4food was implemented by COOPI-Cooperazione Internazionale, an independent Italian NGO based in Milan, as leading organization together with the university Politecnico di Milano and the co-chairs of the SAFE Working Group: the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, WFP and FAO. The opinions, views, and ideas expressed within ENERGYCoP are those of the individual members and do not necessarily reflect those of the project partners or administrators.

The partners

ENERGYCoP’s partners are:

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips & tricks to help members make the best use of ENERGYCoP.

Know the difference between Database and Community Discussion

  • Database: The ENERGYCoP database is a space for learning and knowledge sharing. Here you can view, upload, and download content on past and current projects, technology, resources & tools, and training. These will enhance your knowledge on energy access in humanitarian settings and help build your capacity to design, implement, and evaluate energy projects in humanitarian settings.
  • Community Discussion: Are you new to the sector? Are you a technical expert? Do you have a good amount of experience? Do you want to ask for advice? Do you want to give advice? Do you want to share your best practices and lessons learned? Do you want to connect with people of the sector? The ENERGYCoP Community is the right place for this. Here you can interact with others engaged in similar work, and collaborate towards better outcomes.

Make this platform a significant and updated tool so that access to energy issues in humanitarian settings can be overcome

  • Did you know that you have your own page in ENERGYCoP? If you subscribe as member in ENERGYCoP, you can edit a profile page with your professional information to be viewed by the ENERGYCoP Community. Just click on My Account>My Profile menu to have a view of your profile.
  • Make the best use of your profile photo: We prefer to feature members who post or comment with a profile photo. Also keep in mind that commercial profile photos (such as products) are not allowed. Learn more in Terms of Use.
  • Find members: You can use the “search” to locate members by name and organization.
  • Control your email: Getting too many emails (or not enough!) from ENERGYCoP? We let you control exactly which emails you want. You can request alerts in the categories you would like to join. The same is true for the posts and threads you would like to follow. In every section of the Community Discussion you will find a function to enable you with alerts.

Member guidelines

The following are some guidelines for engaging with the community. Membership can be suspended at any time for non-adherence with these guidelines or Terms of Use. Posts that do not honour these guidelines or are not relevant to the community will be removed without notice.

Keep in mind…

  • The opinions, views, and ideas expressed within the community discussions are those of the individual authors. Information provided by ENERGYCoP members may not be appropriate for solving readers' specific problems. Readers should consult vetted experts before making important decisions about projects or activities.
  • ENERGYCoP is a fuel and technology neutral community. The administrators and moderators take no stance on whether one type of technology or energy source is “better” than another. Members are free to debate the benefits and drawbacks of different fuels and technologies, but arguments should be evidence-based and conducted in good faith – i.e. for the benefit of crisis-affected people and not in pursuit of personal or business interests.

Please do…

  • Fill out your Profile. Post a picture, or other non-commercial Profile image. Smile!
  • Join the conversation! Post photos, videos, and news about your best practices and lessons learned. Post, read and add comments to other discussions. But, please stay on the topic of access to energy in humanitarian contexts.
  • Create new categories and threads per your interests and expertise, but before posting a new topic, please check to see if there is already a topic open on the subject!
  • Use descriptive titles for new posts. Avoid "generic" post subjects like "Help" or "Question". You will receive a better response to your posts by making your title more descriptive about the content of your post.
  • Read and upload documents, projects, and training opportunities to the database.
  • Attribute the source of any material you share that is not yours, including photos, and provide a link to the original content. You may quote copyrighted work, but the quote should involve an excerpt, not the whole article.
  • Be generous and give back. Contribute on others' content.
  • Check out the profiles of other members. Get to know them.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Ignore bothersome members. Report any inappropriate content or behaviour to the administrators through the "Contact us”.
  • Invite others to join ENERGYCoP!

Please do not…

  • Try to sell your wares/company/product/services etc., You are welcome to share information, but excessive and/or inaccurate advertising of your product will not be tolerated. Members who engage in this behaviour will be warned, and inappropriate posts will be removed.
  • Employ a false identity or impersonate another member. This is strictly against the Terms of Use and will result in your membership being revoked.
  • Spam people (i.e., posting the same message to multiple people or discussion categories).
  • Defame, name-call, inflame discussions, stalk, harass, or excessively criticize an idea or person. Hateful language toward others' race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference, nationality, or political beliefs will result in immediate loss of privileges to participate in ENERGYCoP.
  • Post inaccurate, inappropriate, or off-topic content.

Thank you for being a member of ENERGYCoP!